ArchiPrEd has been an active SIG in ALISE since 2008, supporting educators with teaching resources and a community. Its leaders include: Lynne Chase (2006-07, as Archival/Records Management Education), Cecilia Salvatore (2008, as Archives), Mary Choquette, Michèle Cloonan, and Ken Lavender (2008-09, founders of ArchiPrEd), Mary Choquette (2010-2015, Convener), Rhonda Clark (2016-2017, Convener), Andrew Wertheimer (2017-18, Co-Convener), & Sarah Buchanan (2018--, Convener).

SIG sessions at ALISE 2019:
- "Archival Learning in a Global Context." Convener and Presenter: Sarah Buchanan (University of Missouri); Presenters: Reem Alkhaledi & Suliman Hawamdeh (University of North Texas), Johnathan Thayer (Queens College), & Ayoung Yoon & Andrea Copeland (IUPUI). (Proceedings, p.247)

ALISE 2018:
- "Trends in Archival Education." Convener and Presenter: Rhonda Clark (Clarion University); Presenters: Sarah Buchanan (University of Missouri), Jennifer Douglas (The University of British Columbia), Patricia Franks (San José State University). (Proceedings, entry p.244)

ALISE 2017:
- "Connecting to Community: Curriculum and Projects for Family History Collaborative Sciences." Convener and Presenter: Rhonda Clark (Clarion University); Presenters: Jenny Bossaller (University of Missouri), Nicole Wedemeyer Miller, Heather Moulaison Sandy (University of Missouri), Kristen Schuster (King's College London), & Drew Smith (University of South Florida).

ALISE 2014:
- "Charting the Archival Enterprise in Doctoral Education through AERI." Conveners: Mary Edsall Choquette (University of Maryland) & Kenneth Lavender (Syracuse University); Presenters: Sarah Buchanan & Katie Pierce Meyer (The University of Texas at Austin) & Jonathan Dorey (McGill University).

ALISE 2013:
- "The AERI Experience: Support, Structure, and Sociality of Inquiry within the Archival Research and Education Field." Convener and Presenter: Mary Edsall Choquette (University of Maryland); Presenters: Sarah Ramdeen (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Kenneth Lavender (Syracuse University), Lorraine Richards & Heather Willever-Farr (Drexel University).

ALISE 2012:
- "Cultural Heritage Preservation: Identifying Concepts, Communities, and Constructs." Convener/Moderator: Mary Edsall Choquette (University of Maryland); Presenters: Kevin Cherry (IMLS), Michèle Cloonan & Ross Harvey (Simmons College), Kenneth Lavender (Syracuse University), & Noah Lenstra (University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign).

ALISE 2011:
- "Cultural Heritage Preservation Education: Innovating the Past; Competing for Identity." Convener/Moderator: Mary Edsall Choquette (University of Maryland); Panelists: Ken Lavender (Syracuse University), Michèle Cloonan (Simmons College), Paul Marty (Florida State University), Tula Gianinni (Pratt Institute), Seamus Ross (University of Toronto), Stephen Bajjaly (Wayne State University), & Heather Bowden (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

ALISE 2009:
- "Indigenous Memory, Identity, and Sustainability: Decolonizing Archival Education and Methods." Convener: Cecilia L. Salvatore (Emporia State University); Panelists: Kimberly Anderson (UCLA), Omaira Brunal-Perry (University of Guam), Andrew Lau (UCLA), Jonathan Pringle (Museum of Northern Arizona), & Cecilia Salvatore (Emporia State University).

ALISE 2008:
- "Community Collaboration and Research: Engaging Communities to Enhance Learning, Research, and Practice in Archival Education." Convener: Kelvin White (UCLA); Panelists: Anne J. Gilliland, Ulia Gosart, & Kelvin White (UCLA), & Ricardo Punzalan (University of the Philippines).

ALISE 2005:
- "A Universal Records Professional for the 21st Century: International Perspective on Archival Education." Organizers and Panelists: Jennifer Marshall (University of South Carolina) & Tywanna Whorley (Simmons College).

ALISE 2004:
- "Partners in Crime: Interschool Collaboration." Chair: Timothy W. Sineath (University of Kentucky); Panelists: Robert V. Williams (University of South Carolina) & Timothy W. Sineath (University of Kentucky).

ALISE 2003:
- "The Role of Research in Promoting Greater Accountability in the Management of Archives." Conveners: Jennifer Marshall & Tywanna Whorley (Pittsburgh); Speakers: Richard J. Cox (Pittsburgh), Meredith Evans (UNC Chapel Hill), & Lekoko Kenosi (Pittsburgh).

ALISE 2002:
- "Who are the ‘New’ Archival Educators and What Will They Teach?" Convener: Jeannette Bastian; Panelists: Jeannette Bastian, Elizabeth Dow, Tywanna Whorley, Jennifer Marshall, & Donghee Sinn.