ArchiPrEd (2017–) Resources for Archival Education:

Syllabi, Undergraduate:

Undergraduate Archival Education, AERI 2012 Workshop, multiply-sourced from WWU, UM, UT, MTU, NMU, SU, GWU, SJSU, WSU, NYU (link).

English 86800 / DHUM 72700 / WSCP 81000: Archival Encounters, Spring 2019, The Graduate Center, CUNY (link).

ENGL 4710 Capstone: Opening the Archive, Fall 2017, Northeastern University (link).

Syllabi, Graduate:

LIS 2220 Introduction to Archives and Records Management, Fall 2004, University of Pittsburgh (link).

LIS 2970: Archives and Performance, Summer 2012, University of Pittsburgh (link).

INLS 556 Introduction to Archives and Records Management, Spring 2013, UNC Chapel Hill (link).

LIS 438 Introduction to Archival Methods and Services, Fall 2017 (link), Fall 2008 (link), Simmons College.

LIS 441-20 Appraisal of Archives and Manuscripts, Summer 2009, Simmons College (link).

S281 Introduction to Archives, Fall 2016, Indiana University (link).

SI 580 / History 600 Understanding Records & Archives: Principles and Practices, Fall 2018 (link), Fall 2013 (link), University of Michigan.

SI 639: Web Archiving, Winter 2019 (link), University of Michigan.

SI 667: Foundations of Digital Curation, Winter 2019 (link), University of Michigan.

SI 675: Digitization of Cultural Heritage Materials, Winter 2019 (link), University of Michigan.

SI 678: Preserving Sound and Motion, Winter 2018 (link), University of Michigan.

INSC 564: Archives and Records Management, Fall 2018, University of Tennessee (link).

LIS 643 Archives and Manuscripts Management, Fall 2015, University of Kentucky (link).

LSCI 60652 Foundations and Administration of Archives, Fall 2008, Kent State University (link).

NMDS 4487 | CRN 5278 Data, Archive, Infrastructure, Fall 2017, The New School (link).

HIST GA 1010 Introduction to Archives I, Fall 2017, NYU (link).

HIST-GA.2016 Institutional Archives and Electronic Records Management, Spring 2015, NYU (link).

HIST 525 History & Principles of Archives & Records Management, Fall 2012, Western Washington University (link).

HIST 526 Selection and Appraisal, Winter 2013, Western Washington University (link).

HIST 538 Advanced Seminar in Archives and Records Management, Fall 2012, Western Washington University (link).

LI 809XI Introduction to Archives, Summer 2017, Emporia State University (link).

INFO 6860: Archives II, Winter 2019, Dalhousie University (link).

CLSC 630/646 Archives Management, Spring 2010, Catholic University of America (link).

LIS 652 Introduction to Archives Management, Spring 2012, University of Hawai'i (link).

LIS 654 Archival Ethics & Profession, Fall 2018, University of Hawai'i (link).

LBSC 605 Archival Principles, Practices, and Programs; Fall 2013, University of Maryland (link).

LBSC 785: Documentation, Collection, and Appraisal of Records; Spring 2019, University of Maryland (link).

LIS 635-01 Archives Appraisal, Acquisition and Use; Spring 2017, Pratt Institute (link).

INF 389J Appraisal and Selection of Records, Spring 2014, University of Texas (link).

ARST 5500: Appraisal and Selection of Archival Materials, Spring 2014, Clayton State University MAS (link).

ARST 6610: Law, Ethics and Archives; Spring 2014, Clayton State University (link).

MLIS 7710: Archival Theory and Issues, Fall 2014, VSU Archives (link).

SOIS 650 Introduction to Modern Archives Administration, Fall 2011, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (link).

INFOST 750-201 Arrangement & Description in Archives, Fall 2018, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (link).

ARST 550: Management of Audiovisual and Non-textual Archives, Winter 2019, University of British Columbia (link).

IS 289 Home Movies – Preservation, Identification, and Repatriation; Spring 2019, UCLA (link).

IS 480: Intro to Media Archives & Preservation, Winter 2018, UCLA (link).

IS 432 Preservation of Heritage Materials, Spring 2017, UCLA (link).

IS289 Management of Media Collections, Spring 2017, UCLA (link).

IS 289: Archives in the Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance Technologies, Fall 2016, UCLA (link).

Archival Perspectives in Digital Preservation: An Advanced Seminar, Society of American Archivists (link).

Syllabi Elsewhere:

SAA Acquisitions & Appraisal Section syllabi on appraisal (link).

SAA Digital Archives Specialist (DAS) Comprehensive Exam reading list (link).

"We collected a total of 183 syllabi covering a wide range of courses during the year 2001–2002." (p.142), Bastian, J.A. & Yakel, E. "Towards the development of an archival core curriculum: The United States and Canada." (2006). Archival Science 6(2): 133-150.